Summer Clinics

Summer Clinics

During the summer holidays Cavalsuonando® organises Summer Clinics for children. Clinics are held weekly from Monday to Friday.


8.30-9.00am:      welcome

9.00-9.30am:       tending to the animals

9.30-10.00am:     snack time (children to bring their own)

10.00-12-30pm:  Cavalsuonando® activities (‘mind-body’ movement games and rhythmic exercises on donkeys and horseback, treetop balance-testing trails, wall and rock climbing, games to enhance the senses, musical workshop….)

1pm:                        lunch (children to bring their own OR on request OR by catering service)

2.30 pm:                learning workshops; wood, papier-mâché, recyclables, paint, games and presentations

4:30pm:                 end of activities and reflection on the day spent together

In line with the ideals that Cavalsuonando® espouses, these weekly clinics are designed to give participants the chance to experiment with their motor skills in a natural setting, paying particular attention to working in groups and encouraging team work, with emphasis on individual participation and respect for the rules. The proposed activities give the children the opportunity to better understand the environment that surrounds them, which stimulates their curiosity, creativity and sparks their imagination. The daily encounter with an animal to pat and groom, a part from being a very gratifying experience, teaches the importance of the tasks involved in caring for any animal.

The musical workshop is based on improvisation with the various musical instruments available. Every piece of music created becomes a rhythmic experiment incorporating movement/dance which can also be conducted on horseback.

The craft workshop’s goals are to train and practice fine handicraft skills, skills which are being lost due to the increasing use of electronic games and devices.

Diversity is embraced and respect is always shown to those in the group who may be having difficulties. This approach ensures the group grows as one. In the last few years, children with disabilities have been encouraged to join the clinics and their interaction in the team games has been invaluable in demonstrating in many children their spirit of collaboration towards their special needs peers.

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